2D-3D & quantities

BIM design tools allow for extracting different views from a building model for drawing production. All plans, sections and elevations are generated automatically from the central information model.

This also means that BIM objects that are placed into the model will hold information that is used to generate the different views. In reality it means that if an Architect uses a roof window from a specific manufacturer every drawing or visual that is generated from the BIM system will use the actual BIM object in this process. It means product placement that can show qualities and functions of the particular product and increases the way the architect can communicate and specify why certain products must be used to get the required quality and functional aspects of the design.

Products with good USP's (Unique Selling Propositions) will be able to prove this more often when used in the actual design and specification process. Architects can simulate and present visually why they want to choose a certain product. Every 3D view created from the BIM model will have the actual real products present. It will not only be a selection of the cheapest price anymore... BIM is changing everything!