BIMobject reaches new goals - 200,000 users of the BIMobject Cloud

BIMobject is continuing to make new milestones that indicate a clear increase in popularity with the use of the BIMobject Cloud solution.

  • 200,000 users on the BIMobject Cloud 
  • More than 26 million product views 
  • More than 5,5 million downloaded BIM objects
  • More than 40,000 BIM files that represent close to 5 million articles 
  • Close to 500 brands 
  • 93 of the world's 100 biggest architect firms are using the BIMobject Cloud 
  • 22 languages supported, COBie compliant and a unique region system

"We are very proud to announce that we now have reached 200,000 professional registered users of the BIMobject Cloud. In June 2015 we had 100,000 professional users, meaning that during one year we have doubled the number of registered users. We consider this a clear indication of the quality of the service we offer, but it also shows the strength of the company and our business model. It is also very rewarding that we now have more than 40,000 BIM-files from close to 500 different brands available on the BIMobject Cloud and that we have reached more than 26,000,000 product views. We constantly work on improving the BIMobject Cloud, and the "milestones" we have reached above, strengthen our belief of both the growth of the company and also the clear goal towards digitizing the whole construction and furnishing industry", says Stefan Larsson, CEO, BIMobject AB.

For more information, please contact: 
Stefan Larsson, CEO 
Tel: +46 40- 685 29 00 
E-mail: info@bimobject.com

About BIMobject®

BIMobject® Corporation, acknowledged by investors with a Global Red Herring 100 award, and a public company on Nasdaq Stockholm First North: ticker BIM. BIMobject® is a game changer for the construction industry worldwide with its cloud based digital content management system for BIM objects. 

BIMobject as a disruptive technology corporation is at the forefront of the digitalisation of building products and materials, enabling the information to be turned into know-how earlier in the BIM processes. The BIMobject Cloud is a digital platform, where BIM professionals can reach and download BIM files from brands, from both Europe and US.  This will enable industrialisation of the construction industry and also have a huge impact on design, product selection, constructability, waste, energy, cost, quality and logistics.

Our unique solutions for Building Product Manufacturers provide development, hosting, maintenance, syndication and publication of the digital replicas of the manufacturers' products - BIM objects. The marketing and pre-sales services associated with the BIMobject Cloud are channeled and integrated, through Apps, into CAD/BIM applications to create a business-to-business communication across the globe.

Manufacturers use BIMobject® to promote and deliver their products directly into BIM processes enabling their products to be selected and generate a real improvement in sales.

Certified Advisor: Sedermera Fondkommission


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