The BIMobject® App for ArchiCAD

The App for MAC OSX 10.10 is a Beta

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The BIMobject® App for ArchiCAD 15, 16, 17 & 18 is the most advanced of all our apps. Developed for both Mac and PC, it’s the perfect tool for architects and everyone else looking for an app with more advanced features.

This app has all of the latest features including cloud integration, direct download, product information updates and version checking. It also includes integrated BIMail™ functions, a news section and a toolbar with featured manufacturers.

The BIMobject® App for ArchiCAD toolbar

Browse products

The complete BIM object catalogue of the BIMobject® Portal is integrated into ArchiCAD. Search for anapy ArchiCAD file directly in ArchiCAD, without having to shift between windows.

Product information

If you want more information about a product, simply mark it and click the info button.

Check for updates

The app’s connected to the BIMobject® Portal and thus ensures that all the placed objects are the same version as on the portal. If there’s an updated version of a product, the new product information is transferred directly to the already downloaded file. This unique feature makes it possible for manufacturers to update product data and add new properties to already downloaded objects, while users are certain that they work with the latest version of all objects.

User settings

This is where you find your User identification key.

BIMobject® Portal

This button takes you to the BIMobject® Portal.


If you have questions about a specific product you can contact the manufacturer directly from within ArchiCAD, while manufacturers can use BIMail™ to inform users about product news and updates.


This button takes you to our press room with general news, updates and press releases.


Simply click this button if you need any help.

Featured manufacturers

This unique feature gives building and interior product manufacturers the opportunity to market their products with a Branded App Icon in the toolbar in the user's program of choice. Through a simple click on the specific manufacturer's button, users can browse all the products in the manufacturer's Private Cloud. 

This direct marketing tool makes it easy for users to find and use a manufacturer's products directly in their design, increasing the chance that the products are included as early as possible in the design phase. It also drives more traffic to the manufacturer's Private Cloud, which generates more downloads and more leads.

The Branded App Icon is updated on a monthly basis through our web services, and is directly connected to the cloud solution at

For further information, please contact us at

App features


Installation instructions

Click here to see the ArchiCAD installation video

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