Be visible with BIM objects

Your products are your creation, your soul and your everything. To be able to sell it, you need to show the world that your products exist and why they matter, why they are better than the competition and why they are unique. Traditionally product marketing has centred around creating nice brochures, product catalogues and PDF documents. Many manufacturers have realized the importance of following the development of IT tools and already created CAD symbols in 2D and 3D in the beginning of the millennium.

The world has changed.

Today CAD symbols are replaced by BIM objects. BIM objects still carry the representation of your products in 2D and 3D like a CAD symbol would, but they also carry so much more. In a BIM object you can also add links back to your product information, your website, contact details and montage instructions. The BIM objects are smart by nature and can contain functions like how they should be operated, how the windows swing and open, and of course all visual qualities.

All variations and sub selections are integrated in the object so the detailed specification is easier to perform and execute. The objects are branded with your logo and copyrights, giving you a product placement straight into the design and construction process that is unequal to any other marketing approach. For the prescribing consultants like Architects it saves time and makes the process so much better, adding increased productivity, higher quality and more valuable information straight into their BIM software, which they use eight hours a day designing buildings and interiors.