BIManalytics® Pro

A complete SaaS cloud solution for market analysis and pre-sales intelligence

Every product published on the BIMobject® Cloud is tracked to record activity by user and this information can be presented in a variety of ways. This makes it easy for marketing to see download hot-spots, identify which marketing campaigns are working best, review performance by country, area or user, and, most importantly, be able to measure the return on investment from their BIM content.

Ultimately the aim is to provide sales staff with the means and information to engage and assess the value of sales opportunities before their use of a CRM system, like SAP or Salesforce. Sales staff, either in the manufacturer or their distribution channel, can be provided with access to BIManalytics® so they can retrieve information about individual users or at an aggregated level, by area, country, region, etc.

BIManalytics® Pro includes the BIMobject Mail message center where staff can view, send and reply to messages to registered users on the BIMobject® Cloud. Each BIManalytics® Pro system has a common message center that enables several people to work in the same system and share information.

BIManalytics® Pro offers an experimental tool that is included for free, the use of Google X Web GL, a 3D earth representation and plotting of all downloads for a quick analysis and visual overview. The system also includes the BIManalytics® App for the CRM system Salesforce. This will help sales staff to use BIManalytics® from inside their CRM tool. More integrations like these will follow on demand or as custom development upon request, please contact your local sales representative for further information.

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