BIM Render software

BIM Render is our 3D rendering software that creates product images and 3D environments for manufacturers to use in their catalogues. The software runs on both Mac and Windows and is compatible with both BIM objects and with CAD/BIM software like ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD and Sketchup. See the PRESS RELEASE

BIM Render is ready to facilitate BIM objects into it's 3D world environment.
The output and result from BIM Render is a highly photo-realistic image that can be used as a product image in a price list, product sheets or in brochures. BIM Render is used in our publishing process when objects are uploaded to the cloud. This eliminates the costs of having real products photographed in reality saving time and money. BIM Render comes with a lot of predefined 3D environments that can be used as "backdrops".

Example of 3D scene for BIM Render availible for registered BIm Render users:

We will continuously add new environments for new types of buildings and spaces.

BIM Render is available NOW!

Easy to use and very fast with Real-time Preview in Global Illumination

The rendering engine allows you to generate accurate radiosity images in real time within the 3D preview window.
The final rendering is consistent with the 3D preview window, giving you an accurate representation of the high-quality images you’ll produce from your 3D models.

The preview image is refreshed each time a change is made to the lighting, cameras or environment settings, enabling you to control all adjustments without losing time. The extreme high speed of its computing engines makes it possible to display the preview window in radiosity at all times.