How we make it?

The creation of BIM objects always starts from some original document like 2D drawings in paper or digital form (PDF/DWG etc). We can also build BIM objects from real physical products if this is the only option, using 3D scanners and digitising techniques, we recreate the physical form in 3D.

The optimal process for most products is that we can work from mechanical CAD data from the manufacturers production. We use this production model (CAD/CAM/PDM) data to convert, adjust and shrink to a size more fit for building modeling. We add information and data from product sheets and product databases to create a smart BIM object that represent the real physical product. Materials and textures are added to the objects knowledge and functions are programmed into the object if needed. For certain BIM objects like windows & doors we use our proprietary programming tools to create highly parametric BIM objects that become an integrated configurable object inside the designer's BIM/CAD system.

We have more than 20 years' experience of creation of objects for the manufacturing industry in AEC.