Integrated Process

The beauty of the whole BIM concept that today is used by more than 500 000 Architects all over the world is the fact that sharing an information model where all participants work in the same model means better control and understanding of design intent and constructability.

The 3D images work as a communication carrier and as a complement to the drawings and details that are the legal documents in the design and construction process. In the process of BIM modeling, the early phases of modeling are based on functional requirements and conceptual design. This part is covered by most CAD/BIM systems today with good generic objects, symbols (CAD) and is enough to generate 1:100 scale building approval documentation.

However after this phase, when the information model is a basis for tenders and proposals, or detailed specifications should be met or suggested, the model requires real product data. The lack of manufacturers product information for BIM, makes it hard for Architects to really integrate their products into the design and selection process. Well developed high-quality BIMobjects from manufacturers give the Architect all visuals, variations, materials, products data and information at their fingertips and easily accessible.

Which product do you think will be chosen, the one that integrates with the process or the one in a PDF document?