BIMobject® App for Revit

The app works with Revit 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019



  • Added support for Revit 2019 
  • Internal browser issue fixed


  • Added support for Revit 2018 
  • Authentication using BIMobject log-in functionality and option to sign in using Autodesk, Google, and LinkedIn
  • Resized dialogues
  • Last visited page is retained during a session
  • Added option to specify object download location


  • Dialogues are centred on screen, layout and dialogue size are retained between sessions
  • Fixed import for BIMobject properties for system families
  • Fixed bug when importing values with localised characters
  • Fixed bug when importing numbers based on locale settings
  • Updated tool and product names


  1. Install the BIMobject® App for Revit from the Autodesk App Store
  2. In the app, click any of the buttons to Login or Create a new BIMobject account to start using the features

Walk-through: the BIMobject App for Revit

Installation instructions

It’s very simple to set up the BIMobject® App for Revit. Since the app communicates with our web server, you first have to register at and retrieve your personal API key. 

  1. Go ahead and register at
  2. To find your licensed API key, log in to your user account (click here )
    The API key is clearly visible at the right bottom. Mark the key and copy it.
    This is your individual account number, connected to your free registration and usage of the BIMobject® App for Revit.
    Note: Your API key is personal so don't give it away and only install it on your own version of Revit. This will allow the server to communicate with your copy of Revit.
  3. Install the app, paste your API key into the registration field, found by clicking on the settings button and off you go!

Once you’ve finished the installation and entered your API key, Revit will remember the key and you no longer have to be logged in to, it’s completely automatic.