Most BIM modeling tools also have a very high quality rendering engine inside. It means that with today's powerful personal computer, 3D still images and animations can be done by the individual, without the need of going to an 3D expert. There are also very advanced and still easy to use rendering software that use the BIM model as a base, like Abvent Artlantis or our application for manufacturers, BIM Render.

For the Architect to create realistic 3D images of the proposed design (which is what the owners demand today!) the work will be much better and much more realistic if the architect can work with real BIM objects and real materials and textures. A BIM object understands what materials and textures it can have and helps the Architect creating good design and realistic design intent images. At BIMobject we create both 3D models which is the base for a BIM object as well as the materials and properties of the actual real product.

It increases the realism in the images to an extent where it is hard to distinguish these from photographs.

For manufacturers we provide a super fast and easy-to-use rendering application (BIM Render) for BIMobject and environments that is used for producing product images for catalogues and product illustrations.