Siniat UK's GTEC product and systems range now available as BIM objects

Siniat is a European leader in gypsum related building solutions and systems. In collaboration with BIMobject®, the largest publisher of objects in Europe, Siniat's high performance products are now available as digital replicas: BIM objects.  

This first release represents a selection of the products from the GTEC Brand. Siniat GTEC provides economic and high performance options which meet and exceed UK Building Regulations. These include standard, performance and specialist boards, as well as finishing compounds, metal frames and fixings to satisfy the practical and performance needs of all new-build and refurbishment projects. 

"BIM is now a widely used tool so it's only right that our plasterboard solutions can be modeled by architects and consultants at the design stage. With the UK Government's ambition to achieve zero carbon construction, BIM is an essential part of the design process, helping to reduce material and time wastage, and ensure that we close the gap between designed and as built energy performance." said Neil Ash, Managing Director at Siniat.

Neil continued "Our products directly support carbon efficiencies, allowing project teams to achieve high levels of thermal performance and air tightness, as well as protecting against moisture, weather, fire and sound.  By offering BIM-enabled products, we ensure project teams have full access to these attributes, and the broader whole life sustainability benefits of our products which are fully recyclable".

Alan Baikie, Managing Director at BIMobject UK, commented "The technical team at Siniat have produced data-rich BIM objects to assist consultants and architects to explore their design options and develop high performance solutions. We are delighted that, after evaluating the market Siniat, has chosen BIMobject to be their publishing partner." 

The objects are available for Revit. Follow the link to explore and download the objects for free: http://bimobject.com/Product?Manufacturer=siniat-uk&MyBoard=False

About Siniat:

Siniat makes plasterboard so the construction industry can build more effectively. Siniat make systems for plasterboard so that builders, contractors and architects can be as flexible as possible in their designs and buildings, making them work better for their customers. 

This approach, based on Siniat's belief in the qualities of their GTEC product and systems range, and their ability to innovate, has made them a leading European company in building materials. Siniat strive to understand what their customers really need, and to work in partnerships to meet those expectations. For more information, please visit www.siniat.co.uk. Siniat UK head office is located in Bristol and is part of the Etex Group.

About BIMobject®:

BIMobject® is a game changer for the construction industry worldwide with its cloud based Portal offering development, maintenance and syndication of digital replicas - BIM objects - of manufactured building and interior products.

 The marketing and pre-sales services associated with the Portal are channeled and integrated, through specialized software, into CAD/BIM applications to create a business-to-business communication across the globe.

Manufacturers use BIMobject® to promote and deliver their products directly into BIM processes enabling their products to be selected and generate a real improvement in sales. http://bimobject.com/

BIMobject® - Winner for the Red Herring Europe Top 100 Award 2013, Winner for the 2013 Red Herring 100 Global Award and Winner of the IAIR EUROPEAN AWARDS 2013!

Sedermera Fondkommission is the company's Certified Adviser

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