BIMobject® Cloud

The BIMobject® Cloud is an internet based central database holding all BIM object information and BIM files. 

The BIMobject® Cloud is built in a way that we search engine optimize every product that is published on the portal since we use permalinks and every product gets a unique URL. The portal only contains products from real manufacturers, we don't publish generic components or BIM components that represent products that are discontinued. We always work in close cooperation with every manufacturer. The BIMobject® Cloud also hosts branded web catalogues; Product Sites, that allow manufacturers to have their own branded site. Furthermore, all BIM objects can be used in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz. We also allow other building information portals to retrieve the objects through web services, both the possibility to query the server for an XML catalogue but also the ability to integrate the products as iframe'd BIMobject®, this is called Channels.

Explore the Power of the BIMobject® Cloud

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