BIMobject® Apps

The BIMobject® App for AutoCAD

With the BIMobject® App for AutoCAD, finding, downloading and placing 2D, 3D and DWG objects into your current project is only a few clicks away. 

This app gives you full access to the BIMobject® Cloud directly from within AutoCAD, so that you can download a wide range of manufacturer specific 2D and 3D drawings and objects. The app supports AutoCAD versions 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. 

The BIMobject® App for AutoCAD toolbar

 BIMobject® Cloud

This button opens your default web browser and takes you directly to the BIMobject® Cloud. 

Browse Products

Browse all the BIM objects from within AutoCAD and download DWG, 2D and 3D files for direct placement in your current project.

Show BIM object info

All additional information for a particular product such as the product description links to the product description on the manufacturer’s own website and installation instructions. You’ll also find the available download formats as well as all related information and classifications.

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