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“We consider the development of BIM objects as a natural step in the process of digitalising our offer, and becoming a useful source of expertise and information for specifiers.”
– Eddie Wingren, CEO at Designtak

Designtak is a Swedish manufacturer of stylish entrance roofs. Building on a long tradition and vast experience from working with sheet metal and roof construction, their exclusive product line is characterized by innovative design and the highest quality. Unique aluminium frames ensure outstanding quality and longevity in the product range, consisting of large variety of of door canopies. We had a chat with Eddie Wingren, CEO at Designtak, about how going BIM has helped Designtak find new markets.

The challenge

Designtak was receiving an increasing number of enquiries for digital data from their clients. Rising market demand made it obvious that it was time to take the next step in the company’s digitalisation process, and to start supplying architects and construction companies with reliable, future-proof BIM objects.

“Our clients had been asking us to “go BIM” for a long time. We work with large construction companies, and they all need the products they use to be digitally available”, says Eddie Wingren.

The solution

Designtak decided to hire a freelancing developer trained in BIMscript, to assist them in developing high quality BIM objects and publish them on Being a fairly young company with a strong focus on innovation and agility, Eddie Wingren explains that many of Designtak’s own products have been developed in direct response to requests from their clients.

“We see the BIMobject Cloud not only as a powerful selling tool, but also as a great tool for market research, where we can test-drive new products to get an indication of how attractive the market finds them.”

The results

Previously, Designtak’s market consisted mainly of the nordic countries and launching their catalogue on has been an important step towards becoming more international.

“For us this process have been very smooth. We are also using a BIMobject Product Site on our own website, which has been a great way to integrate and market our BIM objects on our own site”, says Eddie Wingren.