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Brazilian manufacturer Incepa, part of the Roca Group, started publishing their products in the BIMobject® Cloud in August 2017. Incepa, located in Paraná, is one of the oldest companies in Brazil providing complete solutions for coating ceramic, with coordinated products for walls and floors. We had a chat with Christie Silva Schulka, Marketing Manager at Incepa, to see how things are going.

"Through BIMobject we get an insight into the minds of architects, designers and construction companies, and we get to know their preferences from the very early design phase. For us, this is fundamental not only from the sales perspective, but also for product development, marketing and even pricing"
Christie Silva Schulka, Marketing Manager at Incepa

The Challenge

Incepa was looking to improve their communication with architects and construction companies. They were searching for a way to digitise their offer and manage their data in a user friendly way, in order to meet the rising demand for BIM content.

“Today, it is through BIM that professionals and big construction companies are communicating. We wanted to be a part of that dialogue, so turning our products into BIM objects was the logical way to go”, says Christine Silva Schulka.

Incepa needed a way to make communications and the sharing of data more efficient and less time-consuming, both internally and for their clients.

“In this increasingly competitive world of ours, businesses are constantly competing for people’s attention and time. If you’re a company who wants to connect with people rather than alienate them, it’s important to keep this in mind”, says Christine Silva Schulka.

The Solution

Incepa started publishing their products as BIM objects at in August 2017. The organisation does not only use for sharing data, but the sales team is also using the BI tools to find out who is downloading the products, to contact leads and to drive sales. By publishing their products at, Incepa is experiencing a new level of interconnectivity with the global AEC community.

“Through BIMobject we stay in contact with BIM professionals 24/7/365. We are able to reach BIM professionals all the time, right when they are in the process of designing and looking for information.”

Christie Silva Schulka stresses the market insights provided through the platform as an important factor. Incepas presence at BIMobject has enabled them to get valuable feedback from the market, something that the company can make use of in new product development.

"We get an insight into the minds of architects, designers and construction companies, and we get to know their preferences from the very early design phase."

The Results

Christie Silva Schulka concludes that the shift in procedures and the new routines for data management and sales have had a profound and positive impact at Incepa.

“The most fundamental shift for us has been to change the way our information is distributed. Through BIMobject, we can now distribute our data in the format that the construction industry is demanding.”

Although initially, all changes require some effort, Christine Silva Schulka is more than pleased with the outcome as well as the timing.

“The response has been super positive. It's apparent to us that our decision was made with perfect timing. BIM is right now being demanded in Brazil for several construction types like hotels, hospitals and malls. In the near future it will be demanded by the government.”