Update or Upload

How can I update or upload new content to bimobject.com? 

If you have not previously registered on the bimobject.com site, this is the first step. If you are a Product Manager who manages your company’s BIM content on the BIMobject® Cloud, you must use your corporate email address. 

The BIMobject® Cloud is a role-based platform. After you login, you will have access to additional features, depending on your administration credentials. As you hover over the BIMobject® Cloud Apps icon  (  )  you will see all of the cloud Apps and functions you have access to. If you don't see the BIMobject® Apps you expect to have available, please email support@bimobject.com and a BIMobject Team member will add your name as the Product Manager of your BIMobject Cloud content.

As a Product Manager, you have the tools to create or edit product pages, upload content and add/modify values to your BIM content. BIMobject offers live updates, which means your changes will have immediate impact. Version control allows for updates of properties through the BIMobject® Apps.

Users must also be registered and log onto bimobject.com to freely download content. This is the basis for providing actionable data to your business intelligence solution, BIManalytics® Core

To learn more about these advanced features, as part of BIMobject, as well as available webinars, and upcoming training opportunities, please contact your Sales Director.