BIMobject® Marketing Campaign

BIMobject® Marketing Campaign

BIMobject® Marketing Campaign opens up a whole new channel for marketers working at a building product manufacturing company to engage, and communicate with the right target audience, at the right time. The solution provides an efficient way to drive more traffic and increase consumer interest for brands and allows manufacturers’ marketing teams to create an interactive, simple and structured process for digital marketing campaigns.

The solution further offers an opportunity for inbound marketing, where all efforts are directed to add value for professional BIM users. Manufacturers can now streamline their marketing message and create specific marketing campaigns in the form of direct email campaigns, highlights of the week, branded icons in the BIMobject Apps and YouTube videos.  The solution is available for manufacturers who host and publish BIM objects on the BIMobject Cloud. 

Direct email campaigns

Direct email campaigns offer the possibility to share branded content as newsletters that are adapted to specific, geographically-designated markets sent to a target group of professional BIM users. This option offers manufacturers an excellent opportunity to add value to the BIM users’ experience and to gain the advantages of working with inbound marketing. 

Highlights of the week – Featured products on Homepage

Highlighted products are featured on the BIMobject home page and allow manufacturers to showcase and display their products via a product thumbnail. Manufacturers who choose to highlight their products on the homepage will receive the highest visibility of their products, with hundreds of thousands of professional BIM users visiting the BIMobject Cloud, every month.

Branded icon in Apps

BIMobject® Marketing Campaign also offers manufacturers the opportunity to showcase their products by placing a branded icon in the toolbar area of the BIMobject Apps. When professional BIM users click on the icon, they will be directed to the manufacturer’s dedicated BIMobject Product Site (formerly Private Cloud 2.0). The branded icon facilitates the selection process for architects and engineers while they are working on a project and allows manufacturers’ products to be easily accessed during their decision-making process.

YouTube videos

YouTube videos are designed to drive traffic to branded products, and support and enhance brand recognition and product comprehension for BIM users. Manufacturers may choose a short commercial video or a tutorial video that is published on the BIMobject YouTube Channel. The video can also be linked and embedded into the objects themselves or added to the manufacturer’s product site, or other designated websites.

Banner on homepage

A banner on the homepage allows building product manufacturers to be visible in front of all the professional BIM users. The manufacturers will receive high visibility and can use the exposure to advertising their digital replicas.

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BIMobject® Marketing Campaign