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BIMobject® links the complex technology around CAD and BIM with architects and the building product manufacturing industry.

BIM is used globally – in small, large and really big construction projects. It's the new standard and we all need to do the same.

Architects and Engineers

Use BIM to save time and to more efficiently plan, design, and construct digital designs. Seek geometrically-correct, and true-to-life objects, possessing parametric capabilities and metadata.

Construction companies

Work with large projects with many stakeholders. Need a secure and encrypted cloud-based environment, allowing many users to share the same BIM content.


Aim to expand their market reach and promote their brand to the AECO industry. Need future-proof digital content management strategies and tools to analyze ROI, and generate leads.


BIM is becoming mandatory in many regions. Different countries have different classification systems.

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BIM enables more efficient processes leading to less costs, less waste, and fewer delays.

A majority of all architects and engineers already work with BIM objects. It is essential to new design processes and mandatory in many regions.

Design, construction, operations and maintenance

With all stakeholders referring to and using the same model, significant time is saved and the transfer of knowledge within teams and between different parties is streamlined.

1. The AEC community use BIM to specify products early in the design phase.

2. On the construction site, the data that BIM provides means more accuracy which reduces waste & saves time.

3. BIM data is used in the entire lifecycle of a building. It transfers information about everything from measurements and energy value, to maintenance instructions.

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Want to design, connect or supply? BIMobject have developed different BIM solutions for construction companies, manufacturers, and professionals in the AECO industry.

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Using BIMobject Cloud saves time

"I download the BIM objects I need. I use them directly because they are matching what I am looking for in terms of data and geometry and if necessary, I adapt them to the specificities of my project. The platform allows me to find new materials and new manufacturers who offer their BIM objects."

– Mrs. Elsa Aubert, draftswoman in the Omega Étanchéité French design office

Tork Norway

An early adopter of product catalog digitalisation

“Architects, designers and builders are key target groups for the Tork brand and we are delighted to offer even better service in making our dispensers available as BIM objects. It gives users even more functionality and makes their work with the design even easier.”

– Line Pedersen, Product and Marketing Manager, Tork Norway

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