BIManalytics® Core™

BIManalytics® Core™

BIManalytics® Core™ is a pre-sales, business and marketing analytics tool to follow up on leads connected to downloads from the BIMobject® Cloud.  It is a prospect and lead generator, an enabler for business matching, as well as a communication tool to engage with direct and indirect influencers.

Track downloads 

Every product downloaded from the BIMobject Cloud is tracked to record activity by user. BIManalytics Core collects all of the activities with building product manufacturers’ digital content hosted in the BIMobject Cloud, where the data is stored to enable various forms of analysis. The tool is able to sort, filter and present analytics from the database, and is defined as big data. It has the flexibility to report over a wide variety of selections such as time periods, and has the ability to provide detailed information about which BIM systems that are being used in different countries, in order to assist the decision making for Building Product Manufacturers.

Leads view 

The aim is to provide sales staff with the means and information to engage and assess the value of sales opportunities, as a lead generation tool and complement to a CRM system. When using BIManalytics Core sales staff can communicate with professional BIM users and retrieve detailed information such as occupation and company. Sales staff can locate direct and indirect influencers as hot prospects, engage with them and find potential projects and opportunities. The tool enables sales staff to retrieve information about the individual user  at aggregated geographical levels by country, region, city or zipcode. A worldwide map, outlined by regions, is displayed to offer sales staff an overview of the regions from where leads are generated and products are sold.

For marketing teams

BIManalytics Core enables marketing teams to analyse which marketing campaigns, products, sources, file formats and regions work best and offers the ability to measure the return on investment from their BIM content. Marketing teams  can also aggregate reports directly from the tool into pdf files to show results.

BIMobject® Spitfire and BIMsupply®

BIManalytics Core has full support for BIMobject SpitFire, which is the business matching license and function used in BIMsupply and on SpitFire has three license levels: business matching on product pages on, BIMsupply cloud-based bill of materials and in the 3D BIM project spaces of BIMsupply. All business matching functionality is based on the local sales representative’s region, defined by a selection of zip codes. With BIMobject SpitFire enabled in a specific country, manufacturers can add their sales team to BIManalytics Core and local sales representatives will be matched against BIM users. BIManalytics Core can be set up by countries, regions all the way down to zip codes. With business matching enabled, the end users (professional BIM users) will contact your sales channel and/or supply chain directly to request prices, product support and orders. 

BIManalytics Core App 

BIManalytics Core local users can use the iPhone App, which offers a quick and easy way to directly access updates regarding leads and to evaluate and communicate with new leads and prospects. The App is free, but requires the sales representative to have a BIManalytics Core local subscription with a sales region set up by their BIManalytics Core administrator.

BIMobject Mail Message

BIManalytics Core works simultaneously with the communication tool BIMobject Mail. This is an integrated message center where sales staff can contact, support and communicate with BIM users.  

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BIManalytics® Core™