BIMobject® Mosquito

BIMobject® Mosquito

The technology of Mosquito allows anyone with a licence to create BIM objects directly in the BIMobject® Cloud and publish them in minutes to the world.

Online object development

Our new technology is a world first which allows developers, partners and manufacturers to create BIM objects directly in the cloud. It is easy to use and you don't need any prior knowledge of CAD or BIM software to create BIM content.

· No need to download any software
· No installations required
· Runs on any web browser supporting Web-GL

Add property sets and values instantly

The Mosquito technology will support BIMobject® Properties (BOPC) to enable more information and properties added to the object at the time of creation or later downstream in the process with the BIMobject® Apps.

Bulk upload for mass creation of objects

The bulk upload feature enables interaction with external databases. Excel files can also be used to automatically mass produce large quantities of objects from external data sources such as PIM systems.

Build objects using geometry or templates

Mosquito will be developed continuously to allow more object types, both originating from geometric shapes and templates for more advanced 3D geometry.

Supports ArchiCAD and SketchUp

The Mosquito technology will automatically create native files for ArchiCAD and SketchUp. Support for Autodesk Revit and IFC is coming soon.

WebGL 3D

The technology uses WebGL to give users a live 3D representation of the object that is under construction, directly in the web browser. Parameters such as height, width and depth are the basis for the 3D geometry, and all the properties available for the product will be added to the final BIM object.


Add any image to represent a surface, for example, mosaics, textiles, ceramics or the appearance of white goods.

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BIMobject® Mosquito