Object Creation & Process

Object Creation & Process

Object creation

We offer highly qualified services like 3D modelling, programming, scripting, conversion of CAD and other data to build smart and reliant high-quality BIM objects.

We work with a combination of standard tools on the market with our own proprietary developments that speed up and give us a competitive advantage in PCM. We can provide both local project management from all our partners and local offices around the world as well as using the most qualified staff for the job.

Our staff are BIM experts and have long experience in how CAD and BIM systems work in the building industry. We have more than 2 decades of experience in creating content for the AEC industry.


At BIMobject® we help you and your organisation collect, analyse, migrate the information and data from production & marketing into small and compact BIM objects.

These will work as virtual sales agents for you when Architects and consultants build, model, design buildings with their CAD/BIM software.The process is simple, but works in practice, our project managers are all BIM experts and most of them trained Architects and have been 3D experts for many years.

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Object Creation & Process