BIMobject® Properties

BIMobject® Properties

BIMobject® Properties sets future standards for extended properties, also known as parameters, metadata or attributes. It allows the manufacturer to add properties such as classification systems in a smart way.

Integrates standards into objects

A BIMobject Properties system sets future standards such as standardised classification systems for properties and clarifies to the market who owns the information in an easy and practical way.

Additional property sets

BIMobject Properties can be used for additional properties in objects. Advanced users can add hidden properties to objects in order to drive logistics and purchasing at a later stage in the BIM-process.

COBie compliant

COBie is the UK classification needed to make objects compliant for the UK Government. Required data such as Operation and Maintenance Properties can be dynamically loaded into objects via BIMobject® Apps. Most importantly, any future classification system for any country can be added in this way.

Multiple property sets

It is possible to create several property sets within one cloud, which for instance can define information about operations and maintenance, specifications and sustainability.

Settings for limited access

BIMobject Properties can be open to all users or limited to a defined group. The owner of BIMobject Properties can create unique user groups, for instance, a design team, to limit access to information. It can also be public or project-related.

Connected to Mosquito

BIMobject Properties can be used in the development of new objects when operating Mosquito or other BIM-creating software. This allows anyone with a licence to create and publish BIM objects with integrated standards in minutes.

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BIMobject® Properties